Web Hosting in Bahraich


Web Hosting in Bahraich

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting in Bahraich

The most fundamental and the basic step for web designing is web hosting. Web hosting is nothing but renting out some space on physical data centers. Websites are hosted on servers, which is a type of hardware used to store websites and all its content. Servers are nothing but huge data centers which located physically and managed by different web hosting companies. The content can be images, text, videos, files or anything related to website. Using the web host you can access all the components of the website. Web host is responsible to keep your website working, and also protect it from malicious attacks.

How does it works?

When you decide to start a website, you need to find someone who can provide hosting services. So, when you select a plan for hosting service you basically have rented some space on server. Now, all your data related to the website is stored on the server with a unique domain name. When someone browses your domain name in the browser, the host transfers all the data for the requested service.

In order to keep the website running you need to pay the price as per the plans available. The performance of your website depends on the plans you have selected.

Types of Web Hosting

If you are looking forward to host a website or starting with your first website, then learn about the types of hosting available. Because choosing the wrong hosting type can cause huge problems later.

4 major types of hosting services are available:

Shared Server Hosting

Shared Hosting in Bahraich

As the name says shared which means sharing all the resource of the server with other clients. Shared resources include everything as memory, CPU, disk space etc. This is the most basic type of hosting service. This hosting service is best suited for entry level website or small websites which do not have much traffic. Each type has its own pros and cons so is this type. The major con is if other sites have major traffic then your site may get affected by it.

Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud Hosting in Bahraich

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting where many computers come together and form a server by combining its resources. The content files are replicated on each computer so that if any server fails there will be no problem in loading content. Also the traffic is routed to other server with less downtime. The drawback for this hosting type is its unpredictable cost and you cannot customize the resources you need.

VPS Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS Hosting in Bahraich

VPS is Virtual Private Server. In this type of hosting, you are sharing the server with other websites but the server has allocated some dedicated space to your website. In this dedicated space you will not be sharing your resources with other websites. This type of hosting is best suited for medium sized businesses which are rapidly growing in terms of traffic.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting in Bahraich

It is the best type of hosting service. In this type of hosting, you get your own server without the need of sharing it with any other website. Hence you get faster speed and more uptime. But the catch here is it is the most expensive type of hosting. Plus you need to have technical knowledge to choose and configure server.

Web Hosting

Whether you are from personally launching your website or you are from any industry, we offer web hosting solution for everyone. The services are cost effective, fast and highly reliable. We help you host your sites at data centers which can handle huge internet traffic.