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What is an ECommerce App?

ECommerce App in Bahraich

In today’s virtual world where everything happens at the tips of our fingers, having a mobile app for the business is a profitable way to successful business. From mobile apps one can buy anything from food to clothing and other valuables such as electronics and cars can be purchased online. And if your ecommerce site reaches to the consumers as a well functioned app, the chances of product sales will increase rapidly.

Shopping plays an important role in our lives. And with an ecommerce app the process becomes simpler. The e-commerce app displays a wide range of products from different brands with multiple categories. From these categories the user can select the products they need and receive them at their doorsteps. Simple right! Every business that plans to buy or sell something online can give a thought of ecommerce app development.

Whether you own a startup or years old business, we have ecommerce solutions for all of your complex business problems. A dedicated team of developers are ready to solve all the challenges and help you make an online appearance in this virtual world.

What's in the App?

ECommerce App Features

We know what you are looking for, so we have listed some application features which can provide you with a better view of ecommerce app.
With every ecommerce app you will receive 2 basic modules:

  1. Customer App
  2. Admin Panel

Other modules such as salesman app, or vendor panel can be customized based on your requirements.

 Easy Onboarding

Easy onboarding of customers i.e. the customers can easily register and login to your ecommerce app without any fuss.

 Product Categories

Products are listed in wide range of categories, so that users can find their desired product with easy navigations.

 Product Lookup

A search option where users can easily search for products categories or even by brands. The products can also be filtered by other options such as price, relevance etc.

 Shopping Cart

Users can easily add products to their shopping carts which they will carry (virtually) through their shopping process.


Notify users of their order status such as placement, confirmation or dispatch using SMS services.

 Ads segment

Display ads related to new launch of products, offers, discounts etc.

Ecommerce App - Customer App Features
 Vouchers & Offer Codes

Users can also use vouchers or offer codes at the time of checkout which can get then discounted prices.

 Multilingual Support

Let customer personalize the app by using his native language, making it easy to understand and interact.

 Multiple Payment Options

At the checkout, the customers have various options of payment methods such as online payments- debit card, credit card, cash on delivery.

 Rating & Wishlist

With a few taps the user can leave a review or rate the product after its purchase. Also they can add products to their wishlist to shop later.

 Profile Settings

Let users maintain the profile and maintain different addresses of delivery such as home, work and many more.


Use Banners to appeal users, which also helps in make the app extraordinary and interactive.

 Live Dashboard

Interactive dashboard for managing orders and other information.

 Manage Categories & Brands

Create different categories to add products in it. Also you can manage different brands available in your business.

 Manage Products

Manage Products i.e. add or remove products and its details according to the categories and brands so that the customers can view them.

 Product Listing

Display products in app according to best sellers or latest products, or featured products.


Different types of reports are generated such as sale report, payment report, order invoice report etc.

ECommerce App - Admin Panel Features
 Vendor Management

Creating and granting access to vendors who can list their products in the app.

 Inventory Management

Manage Stock of the products in the business. Maintain in-stock, out stock products. Get Stock report according to dates.

 Track Orders

Manage orders such as order confirmation and order dispatch. Get complete order reports till date.

 Banner and Ads

Create banners or ads to display in app and display them according to time period.

 Customer Information

Customer data is saved whenever a users registers. Admin can access the data whenever needed.

Benefits Of Having An ECommerce App

Benefits of ECommerce App

For any ecommerce business having an online presence will do wonders in gaining success as well as profits. With an ecommerce app development, you can improve business base, efficiency and customer trust in the brand. Some other benefits include:

  • Reach new customers daily.
  • Offer excellent shopping experience with advanced technologies.
  • Sales boost using online promotions.
  • Increase the reachability factor as mobiles are highly used.
  • Easy to interact with customers
  • Quick and easy checkout option with various payment options.
  • 24 x 7 business availability
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • User data collections and analysis such as buying behavior, purchase preference etc.
  • Enhanced customer service

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Ecommerce App?

The most asked question: How much an app development costs? Well, the answer lies on your business requirements. You need to analyze and estimate a budget based on your necessity. Other factors which are a part of an app development are as follows:

  • App Platform: Where the app is going to be launched i.e. on iOS platform or Android platform, Native or Hybrid type.
  • Features and project size: There can be a list of features as identified by businesses which can affect the size of project.
  • API integration: Different features require third party API’s which can cost you a few bucks.
  • Resources: Developers, Project Manager, Designers, Content Writers etc
  • Maintenance

We, at Multicore Solutions can help you at cost optimizations and better ROI.


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