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What is OEE?

OEE Software and formula

OEE refers to Overall Equipment Efficiency which is a standard method to calculate the productivity of the equipment. OEE is an essential factor for manufacturing companies. OEE is the best practice to improve effectiveness of manufacturing equipment. OEE reduces complex production problems into simple natural presentation of information. It helps you systematically improve our process with easy to obtain measurements.

Calculating OEE

Factors which contribute to OEE calculations are availability, performance and quality. OEE is calculated by multiplying the three OEE factors: Availability, Performance, and Quality.

  • Availability: Availability takes into account Downtime Losses i.e. any event which halts the planned production time which is countable to few minutes.
    Availability = Run Time / Planned Production Time
  • Performance: Performance takes into account Speed Loss i.e. anything which affects the manufacturing process to operate at less speed than the maximum speed limit.
    Performance = Ideal Cycle Time x Total Count / Run Time
    Ideal Cycle Time – is the fastest cycle time in finest circumstances.
    Run Time - the fastest possible time to manufacture the parts
  • Quality: Quality takes into account Quality Loss i.e. count of manufactured products which do not fit in your quality standards. It also includes products which require rework.
    Quality= Good Piece / Total Piece
  • OEE: OEE takes into account the ratio of fully productive time to Planned Production Time which can be calculated as :
    OEE= Availability x Performance x Quality
Need for OEE Software

Why OEE Software?

Our OEE software will help you maximize equipment efficiency and produce quality products by helping you in:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Automatic analyses and prioritization of the causes behind lost capacity
  • Be able to determine if the process is within established quality data parameters.
  • To track and understand why downtime events happen and how often they happen.

Software Key Features

  • Loss Analysis: Reduce you downtime losses by using the software to keep an eye on machine data.
  • Enterprise-Wide Visibility : Plant-wide and enterprise-wide visibility of OEE factors. Get all the data whether plant wise or shift wise with just one click.
  • Flexible Performance Report Delivery : Reports can be easily viewed on the screen, directly to a printer, saved to a file, sent via email or can be converted to excel.
  • Quality Control: OEE calculation comprises of 1/3 of product quality. It helps you capture, track record for quality products as well as rejected products.
  • Comparison and Analysis : Compare current shift OEE with previous runs OEE percentages, by machines, shift or day.
  • Data Collection: OEE calculations are automatically captured and stored for future analysis.
OEE Software Features

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