Real Estate App in Nagapattinam

What is Real Estate App?

Real Estate App in Nagapattinam

Are you a estate broker? Or are you in property business? Then it is worth investing into real estate app development as it has high returns. The complete strategy in marketing has changed ever since the rise of digital presence has increased.

We no longer live in a world where people go from door to door or broker to broker for hunting of properties. So to save the time of your users who physically visit these properties, let them download the app or visit your app right on their fingertips.

Need for Real Estate App

Why Real Estate App?

A survey says out of 80% of the buyers interested in dealing with properties, 70% prefer to search the property on mobile apps. No doubt that searching a property on mobile app have increased by 120%.

Ditch the old-fashioned methods of finding suitable properties that match your expectations because selling, buying or renting a home is never this easy. Making the buying and selling process smoother and catching users attention is the main reason to develop a real estate app. Improve the trust factor of your users by providing them the property insights.

Some benefits of real estate mobile app development:

  • Get vast property listings which will be visually tempting users to at least give it a look.
  • Reach to your users will be increased to all day long, as well as to users in different regions.
  • Get a digital presence.
  • Mobile app adds revenue to business.


The wide panel of audience is always looking for some simple but creative solutions with best features. So, our team of developers will help you implement all desired and innovative features without compromising on user experience.

The functioning of the real estate app is simple. The owners of the property can list the property through the app, must submit all the descriptions and details with the exact location along with all the images. On the other hand people who are searching for property can find in the properties to own or rent. This app would be beneficial to all Retailers, Sellers or Real Estate agents.

What you Get?

  • Admin Panel:
    • From where all the property will be listed.
    • Property listed by individual sellers will be confirmed by admin.
    • Post only verified photos/videos
  • App:
    • The complete app where users can register & login
    • Users can search property to buy/rent
    • Users can also post their properties to list out on app

Key Features

  • User Onboarding (Signup/Login): Easy Registration & Login process.
  • Buy or Sell:Either showcase your property or buy or lease a property whichever the way you want.
  • Property Listing: Displaying wide range of properties with different categories.
  • Filters: Filter for the best property which suits your needs based on location or amenities required.
  • Detailed Profiles: Detailed description of each property includes photos, videos, price details, amenities etc.
  • Cost Calculators: Calculate cost of property using inbuilt calculators including mortgage.
  • Call or Direct Messaging: Contact with brokers using various methods such as direct call, live chat, callback option or booking a consultation.
Real Estate App Features

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