MLM Software Development in Nagapattinam

What is MLM?

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) in Nagapattinam

MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. Multi-Level Marketing is nothing but achieving several things such as marketing and selling of services or product, complete sales target and receive commission on each sale. To reach customers directly MLM is the easiest and fastest way.

MLM Plans

It is important to have a well-organized business plan to get complete success in any business.

Binary MLM Plan

Binary Plan

It is a business plan where each new member is joined to either left (Power leg) or right sub-tree (Profit leg). In Binary Plan, on first level of sales every distributor is restricted to two distributors only. This is the simplest and easiest plan. This plan is popular among the MLM companies, part-timers and people who want to earn through MLM. Here, the business commission is calculated by sales of business products and services instead of levels.

Matrix MLM Plan

Matrix Plan

It is a business plan where each new member added is arranged to fix number of rows (width) and columns (depth) in the first level. It is also known as forced matrix or ladder plan or pyramid plan. Frequently used matrix plans are 2x12, 3x9, 4x7, and 5x7. Here, the business commission is calculated by the levels fixed beforehand i.e. width x depth plan.

Hybrid MLM Plan

Hybrid Plan

It is a combination of two or more compensation plans. Generally the combination of unilevel and binary plan is most preferred but can be customized based on company requirement. It works on one sales force classification i.e. where each new member added is considered as distributor and there are no sales leader. Here the business commission is calculated by personal business sales or group business sales.

Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel Plan

It is a business plan in which each member added will be in the same first level. This is the easiest plan to understand and is also the most popular International MLM plan. The only drawback in this plan is limited depth to earn commission as the depth is prefixed by the companies. Here the business commission is calculated by depth the fixed earlier by the company.

Need for MLM Software

MLM Software

With network connectivity, many MLM business are proceeding faster on success path. This software used to assist in the management of multi-level marketing businesses. You can carry out different tasks such as referrals, payments, network status and income. You will be able to track down the complete flow from product purchase to payment and referrals to incomes.

  • Website
  • Member Portal
  • Admin Portal

Software Key Features

  • Easy Registration: Register new users or members with ease.
  • Maintain Member Data: Maintaining member’s personal information like Name, Address, Birth Date, Age, Contact, City, State etc.
  • E-Wallet management: All the transaction made using wallet.
  • Commission management: Generate amount of commission for sales generated by member.
  • Payout management : Payout management where users can generate request for payment to admin in the system and admin responding to payout request.
  • Reports: Different reports such as wallet report, members report, commission report etc.
  • Accessible from anywhere : As the software is hosted online it can be accessed from anywhere.
MLM - Multi Level Marketing Software Features

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